Drivers MUST:

• Run two of the PTE Trifecta Contingency Decals

○ Placement requirements - one of each on front quarter panels, one of each on rear quarter panels, OR one of each in front of front tires

○ Run the decals from the first round of qualifying, throughout the duration of the event, and to the winner's circle

• Run PTE Turbocharger(s), Wastegate(s), and Blow Off Valve(s) • Win an event with all 3 products on car

• Send photos of vehicle to:

Designated Classes and Winnings:

• Radial VS. The World - Wins $2,500 • X275 - Wins $1,250

• Ultra Street - Wins $1,250

• Limited Drag Radial - Wins $1,250

All drivers who qualify, please pick up your decal at the Precision Turbo & Engine booth, located near the tower. During the event, a Precision Turbo & Engine employee will make a random spot check to verify PTE products are being used.

If you would like to enter our Trifecta Program but are a missing one of the three PTE products mentioned (i.e Turbo, Wastegate, or BOV) then please give us a call at: 855.996.7832. PTE will be offering a LIMITED TIME special racer's discount for anyone interested in participating in the program.

Sale ends Friday, September 29th.